Ordering online...

Follow our 3 simple steps to build your perfect wardrobe, with plenty of individuality and pizzaz. Need advice or guidance? Our team of Style Valet's are a click away. We can even do a video meeting (Skype, Face time) to go through any questions you have and guide you with the measurement process.

We come to you...

Why not take advantage of our Style Valet who are ready to come to you and meet you in person (Currently London, Hertfordshire and Essex) . Valet will go through the entire process with you, offer you advice and take your measurement make the whole process completely effortless.

Create a custom wardrobe in 3 simple steps

  • 1. Choose Your Fabric

  • 2. Customise your Garment

  • 3. Take your measurement

Sit back, relax and wait for your best ever fitted suit or shirt delivered within 4 weeks right to your door with our Fit Promise.
You've made it this far, its time to build your wardrobe.


What is our Fit Promise?

There is quite nothing like it. We know that ordering bespoke garments online for the first time can be daunting, but fear not our team here at Mayo Clothier HQ are here to hold your hand through the experience. We highly recommend you contact our Style Valet, not only do they advise you getting your measurement spot on, they will also ensure you construct the best looking wardrobe and many other tips too.

We want to take the risk out of your experience and put fun back in. That's why we have put in place our Fit Promise, and if you garment does not fit, we will give you credit of up to £50 per suits and £30 per shirt for alterations.

That's not all. We will keep your measurement, so the next garment will be only few clicks away. We want you to look your best so we do too.


To ensure that we make your best fitting garments we use your body measurements to create a truly bespoke suit that’s meant to fit. Our step by step measurement videos are here to walk you through each simple measurement process each step of the way.

We, just like you appreciate that it can be a little daunting taking your very own measurements, but with the help of a good friend, tape measure and our measurement guide it’s actually way easier and fun than you thought. Our detailed and user friendly measurement step by step guide ensure there is no need to head to your local tailors.

Once your order is placed, one of our master tailors will take your body measurements and create your very own custom pattern. Although this is a one time process you can always refine your garment measurements later on.

Remember we store your measurements on our system so ordering future garments can be done with a few clicks. 

Returns, Alterations & Remakes

Here at Mayo clothier ordering custom menswear is absolutely risk-free. We are so confident that we’ve introduced a ‘Fit Promise’, Yes you’ve heard it right so if you’re not completely happy with any of your garments fit just pop us an email at and your designated Style Valet will take care of ensuring we put things right.


If you need alterations we're here to help. We recommend that you contact our Style Valet Team first so that one of our designated stylists can provide you with an objective second opinion on your garments fit. Our Style Valet will ensure you are given personal attention to provide recommendations on how to improve your garments fit. Just remember when you look good, we look good.

If your order requires an adjustment, we will provide a credit of up to £50 per suit and £30 per shirt for local tailoring. Our alterations credit is available within 30 days of receiving your order. Simply fill out our 'Alteration Form' which will be sent from our Valet team, take your garment to your local tailors and have them indicate all adjustments on your order form and simply follow our on screen step by step instructions to obtain your credit. You’ll be asked to upload a scanned or photographed copy of your receipt. Please allow up to 7-10 working days for credits to be proceeds.


If your order is not tailorable, we’ll remake it at no extra cost. Just pop us email at and one of our designated personal stylists will work with you to help correct the fit issues.

Mayo Clothier reserves the right to refuse remake requests in circumstances where alterations can be completed locally. Please note that items cannot be remade based on customisation changes or change of heart, as all items are bespoke and cannot be resold. All remakes are made from scratch and take up to 30 days.


Mayo Clothier makes ordering a bespoke suit online completely risk-free with our fit promise. If your garment does not meet our fit promise after alteration and adjustment, we’ll give you a full refund. Simply drop us an email

Mayo Clothier reserves the right to deny remake requests in circumstances where alterations can be completed locally. Items cannot be remade based on customisation changes. Please note that you’ll be responsible for any return shipping charges.

Return Policy

To be considered eligible for return, a return claim must be submitted within 30 days of an order's delivery date.

Mayo Clothier will only accept returned items that are in good and unworn condition. Mayo Clothier has the right to deny the issuance of a refund to an item that is believed to be previously worn or damaged.

Mayo Clothier will not accept returns based on change of heart or customisation changes as garments are bespoke and cannot be resold.

Any items returned to Mayo Clothier that do not meet the aforementioned requirements will be sent back to the client without refund.

If your items were purchased with a Coupon or Gift Certificate, the Coupon/Gift Certificate will be refunded/reimbursed before another payment source.

You must return all items purchased as part of a promotion to receive a full refund. Kept items will be charged at full market value.



I’m worried that my measurements won’t be correct; do I need a tailor to take my measurements?

Not at all. With the help of a good friend and our simply put step by step 10 minute measuring video take matters into your own hand. We promise it’ll be easy and fun! We review each and every customer’s measurements just to ensure nothing seems off beam, and if there is we’ll ask you to re measure particular areas. Get cracking you’re in safe hands!

How can I make sure that my measurements are accurate?

Just follow our easy to understand measurement video and you can’t go wrong. That said, there is always a possibility that some of your garments won’t fit the way you want right out of the box, so don’t worry as we’ll cover any minor alterations. Also, our Style Valet are ready and eager to go through any measurement to get it right the first time.

Can I use measurements from one of existing best fitting suits?

Afraid not, as we need you actual body measurements to ensure we craft out your best ever fitting suit.

I find it hard to shop for clothes because of my shape and size, can you guys make clothes for me?

Absolutely, Because every single garment is cut from the cloth and designed to your body shape, it will be the best fitting garment you will probably own.

Product and Customisation

Do you offer in-person consultation where I can get measured/ look at fabric samples?

Yes, if you live in London, Hertfordshire or Essex our Style Valet are mobile which means they can come out to you

What fabrics do you use?

Here at Mayo Clothier we believe in providing you the very best, thats why we use 100% Merino Wool, Cashmere, 100% Cotton, Japanese Bemberg lining and Linen. Only premium quality fabric are used for all of our garments.

Will you restock sold out items?

Some of our seasonal collection are limited edition and usually available for limited time. So be quick and get them before they are gone. If you do miss out... not to worry, get in contact with our style guru’s who can recommend something similar.

Do you offer wedding packages?

For sure! We believe your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days in your life, and planning the best day of your life can be stressful, our Style Valet are on hand to make this experience fun and stress-free, we'll ensure you and your groomsmen not only look but feel dapper. Contact us for wedding packages, and Style Valet meetings or advice.

Could I customise my suit further than what’s not on your website?

Absolutely! we’d love to hear what you have in mind. Contact our Style Valet; who knows, we might just be able to make it happen.

Can I make my two piece suit into a three piece?

Of course, just select the optional add waistcoat tab after you’ve completed customising your order.

Can I upgrade my suit to full canvas construction?

Sure, all our suits are constructed of half canvas as standard, upgrading to full canvas is possible but will be at an addition cost and it's only offered to repeat customers. If you would like to upgrade to full canvas please contact us here.