Mayo Clothier

We at Mayo Clothier believe that a man should not only look good, but also feel great about the way he looks. We regard each gentleman as a unique individual and every single garment that we create is one of a kind . . .just like you. Our goals are simple . . . we aren’t trying to have the man fit the suit; instead we strive to construct and tailor our garments to perfectly suit the man, at of the peg price.

Having your best fitting garment couldn’t be easier choose one of our fabrics, customise the whole suit and follow our incredibly easy 10 minutes video which can be done at the comfort of your home (no tailor needed) to get measured and have your perfectly fitting garment within 4 weeks.

Prefer to do it in person? Not a problem. Our dedicated Style Valets are mobile too making the entire process of ordering and fitting a bespoke garment very easy. They can come to your work; home or where ever you may happen to be…We've made getting your bespoke garment effortless. Simply contact us with the date and time you want to meet and we will do the rest.

How it all began

In 2012, working in the demanding world of finance, we set out to fix the very problem we faced in trying to find top quality shirts and suits that not only looked good, they actually fit and at the same time, didn’t break the bank.

Off-the-peg suits were very limiting in selection and never seemed to fit properly anyway, finding a style that matched my own standard of excellence was impossible to find. The options for having a suit custom tailored were very slim to say the least, given the cost.

 That’s when we saw the opportunity to change every man's wardrobe by ensuring we make our garments a staple piece in your wardrobe… Mayo Clothier was born.

Our Philosophy


We never settle for less, so we don’t believe you should either. We have travelled the far corners of the earth to find and bring you the latest collections of styles. We select our fabrics very carefully from one of the finest fabric mills in the world.

Our Master tailors provide excellent craftsmanship in constructing your piece, which you will experience first-hand the moment you put on your bespoke garment made by Mayo Clothier. 

Quality in everything we create is our obsession and we take the construction of your suit very seriously. Your suit will be engineered to perfection as all 220 components making up your garment will be checked and rechecked to ensure that it not only looks perfect, it will fit perfectly.


Providing top quality service goes along with everything else we stand for. You can expect exceptional personal attention throughout your entire journey at Mayo Clothier. Our entire team of Style Valets are dedicated to serving our customers’ every need. Our reputation has been built one customer at a time, and we do not ask you to take our word for it, just give us a try and you won’t be disappointed.

We're confident that you would not only look dapper but feel it too. We guarantee it and even have our Fit Guarantee in writing. This is a matter of pride for us and we stand behind everything we do.

You’ll love the way you feel when wearing your bespoke garment - we guarantee it.


Having style involves more than what one wears. Style is the totality of self-expression, personal growth and of meeting one’s standard of excellence in everything they do.

We believe it’s important to share our style and what we love with others. This is why we have created a Journal dedicated to fashion, lifestyle and everything in between. We invite you to share our journey, and take us with you in spirit wherever you’re going in life.